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Monitor vaccine and test status with digital health certificates

With local governments across the world implementing new regulations (some of which are being put into law), many sites in our global community have had to deal with new restrictions regarding access and vaccination status. Over the past few months, our team has been working on new digital access control and safety features to allow our community to continue to manage their sites safely, while staying in line with any local restrictions.

We understand that different geographical locations and industries have varied requirements, so we’ve approached health checking and vaccine passports with flexibility by building tools that allow you to customise the experience and manage the specific safety requirements for your site.

Whether you have a single site or multiple locations, you can set different entry requirements. For example, if you’re managing multiple sites but a specific state or country has different rules, you can configure Sign In App to reflect these for that site location. You can also set different rules within a single location for various visitor types. For example, requirements for employees may differ to a visitor or contractor, giving you the ability to manage your site's access criteria at scale for employees along with your standard everyday visitor management needs.

Abstract representation of certificates on Sign In App

With Sign In App, you have two main options to manage the vaccine status of visitors to your site. The first is to use our question based entry criteria, which allows you to set all of your standard questions required for entry to your location, along with any new requirements regarding vaccine status checking. If you need to ensure someone is double vaccinated before entering onto site, you can ask a yes/no question; if they answer no, you have the option to block them from gaining any further access. You’re also able to request evidence to be presented and an image can be taken.

The second option is our new Safety Check feature. This feature allows you to check somebody’s vaccine or test status and issue a digital health certificate based on this evidence, without storing any health information about that person. You have total control over the entry requirements such as which vaccines may or may not be accepted, and you can also set expiration dates for the digital certificate. If you’re using Safety Check to confirm if someone has had a negative test result, you could set the certificate to expire after 72 hours. The digital certificate can be used across multiple locations or even across connected organisations if you want to safely manage the movement of people throughout your supply chain, for example.

If you need to implement a solution to monitor the vaccine or test status of visitors to your site or need to issue vaccine passports to your employees or regular visitors, please get in touch with the team to learn more and arrange a demonstration of our new Safety Check feature. You can find all of the ways to contact the team here.