How to improve visitor experience in your reception area

A visitor’s experience can have a huge impact on your organisation. First impressions are everything. Studies have shown that people make their first impression after seeing a stranger’s face in a tenth of a second. So, it’s definitely worth getting a head start by making a great first impression from your reception area. Below are a few of our top tips to help you improve the visitor experience in your workplace.

Pre-register visitors

The visitor experience starts long before they walk through the door. Using a visitor management system, you can pre-register visitors and send them a professional, branded email invitation. The email can include date and time of the meeting, the name of the individual they are visiting and directions. If the visitor management system also has QR code compatibility, the pre-registration email can also include a QR code for them to use when signing in.

Easy sign-in & out

Following on from the point above, a visitor management system can streamline the sign-in process and improve the overall visitor experience. Visitors can sign in on an iPad, including signing any necessary policies or NDAs, and a notification can be sent via email or SMS to the host to make them aware that the visitor has arrived. When leaving the building, they can sign out easily in just a few taps on the iPad. If the system has QR code compatibility as mentioned above, the sign-in and out process is even quicker.

Professional reception area

As soon as your visitor walks through the door, make a great first impression with a professional-looking reception area. Even if you don’t have a huge reception area, make sure that it’s clean and well-lit to give a welcoming feel. If you have employees working on the reception, ensure that they understand the important role they play as the face of the company and to act accordingly.

Comfortable waiting area

It’s quite likely that a visitor will need to wait for a few minutes, therefore in addition to looking professional, your reception area should have a comfortable waiting area for your visitor. Ensure that there is a place for your visitors to sit and refreshments are available or offered to them on arrival.

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