Improving employee health and safety

In our previous blog post, we touched on our positive attitude towards getting back to the workplace safely in 2021. So today we are back to continue our series aimed at helping our community get back to work safely, and in today’s blog we’re focusing on improving employee health and safety in your organisation.

Over the past year, health and safety in the workplace has evolved in more ways than one; new regulations and processes are being put in place and changing regularly. After a year of social distancing, and for many remote working, it’s important that your organisation does as much as possible to improve employee health and safety to ensure everyone feels confident and comfortable about returning to the workplace.

Which leads us on to today’s blog. Below are some of our top tips for improving health and safety for your employees when we all return to the workplace.

Reevaluate your health and safety policies

Think to yourself: when was the last time you updated your organisation’s health and safety policies? Chances are if your business has been operating remotely over the last year, your policies may need a refresh before your employees return to the workplace.

Take into consideration the new regulations that have been introduced over the past 12 months and ensure your health and safety policy covers these. Some key points to consider are social distancing, improved hygiene and staying on top of who’s allowed on site.

Support your staff

When we think about employee health and safety, many of us instantly think about supporting physical wellbeing but now more than ever, it’s important to support your employees’ mental wellbeing too. After not being in the office for a long time, some of your employees may feel anxious about the return to work. Reassure your workforce that you are putting their health and safety at the top of your priority and ask them what would help them to feel confident when returning to the workplace.

Do you have the right systems in place?

Before encouraging employees to come back into the workplace, ensure that you’re well equipped. Below are a few questions to ask yourself when considering if you’re well equipped for a safe return for employees:

  • Is the workplace well ventilated?
  • Is it possible to maintain social distancing?
  • If required, do you have the necessary PPE?
  • Can you track who has been onsite and when? This will be required should you require to do any contact tracing.
  • On arrival, can you present screening questions to ensure all visitors to site do not provide any risk?
  • Do you have processes in place to clearly agree to policies and notices required before they enter your site?

If your answers are yes to all of the above questions, you should be in a good position to open back up whilst ensuring health and safety is maintained.

Utilise Sign In App’s features

In our previous blog post, we shared some of the ways you can utilise Sign In App’s features to help you get back to work safely, and the tips included in that blog can help with improving employee health and safety. These features include contactless and mobile sign in, Sign In Points, rejected sign ins, health screening questions, health and safety messages, and more. Many of the features focus on making the sign in process safe and simple, eliminating queues and reducing contact with a reception iPad. Give the blog a read here.

We hope this blog helps you to feel confident that your employees’ health and safety is well protected and maintained when it’s possible to all return to the workplace. If you have any questions about how Sign In App can help your organisation, our friendly customer experience team are available on live chat, telephone and our support desk is always open. You can find all of our contact details here.