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The GDPR compliant contact tracing system for pubs and restaurants

Yesterday (23/06/2020), Boris Johnson announced that pubs and restaurants in the UK can open their doors again on 4th July 2020, after being closed since 20th March. While this news was long-awaited for the hospitality industry, and an absolute delight for many punters, there was one aspect of the reopening that has left many pub and restaurant owners panicking. In order to be able to open, venues need to ensure that they have a GDPR compliant contact tracing system that will record details of all visitors in case of a further outbreak.

There has been some controversy over the news, with many people debating that owners of hospitality venues should have been allowed further notice so that they had more time to prepare - this has only left them with 10 days to find a contact tracing solution that is GDPR compliant.

Introducing Sign In App

Sign In App could be a solution for pubs and restaurants looking to open their doors on 4th July. Sign In App is a flexible visitor management system that allows you to record data of both staff and visitors. Guests can scan a QR code for a completely touch-free solution using contactless sign in which allows them to complete the sign in process straight from their smartphone, or alternatively they can sign in straight from the iPad.

Here’s just some of the benefits for pubs and restaurants looking for a GDPR compliant contact tracing solution…


As we mentioned above, Sign In App now also offers a contactless sign in option, so there’s no requirement to touch any other system than their own personal smartphone. Visitors can use their smartphone by simply scanning the QR code and filling out the sign in process from their browser. Find out more about contactless sign in here.

Data security

Sign In App is committed to ensuring the security of yours and your guests’ data. We are GDPR compliant and ISO27001 accredited for Information Security Management. Read more about how data is stored and managed here.

Health and safety messages

Sign In App allows you to display important health and safety information to visitors and staff which can be displayed through text, images, PDFs or video. This is a great feature for presenting information such as social distancing policies. Contactless sign in also supports this feature. Read more about messages here.

Cost-friendly solution

At Sign In App, we’re passionate about providing a flexible solution that doesn’t break the bank. In the UK, our annual subscription costs just £295 + VAT and includes all of the features mentioned above and more. We also offer a 15 day free trial, which you can get started with here.

If you own a hospitality venue and would like to find out more about Sign In App for your GDPR compliant contact tracing system, get in touch with the team. You can find all of our contact information, including live chat, phone and email on our contact page here.