How a visitor management system can be used for construction sites

There is nothing more important on a construction site than the health and safety of contractors and visitors. Making processes seamless for everyone to complete while also having an easy way to keep a record of who’s on site at all times and the documentation that has been signed is a tricky task… if you don’t have a visitor management system.

A visitor management system makes health and safety compliance on a construction site simple. It’s easy to present safety information and health questionnaires, even easier to access real-time reports of who’s on site and the sign in process for contractors and visitors is hassle-free.

Below are just some of the ways Sign In App can be used on construction sites.

Real-time reports

When construction sites are busy, it’s not always a quick task to find out exactly who is on site which is why real-time reports from your visitor management system can be really handy. With Sign In App’s online portal, the Today view can let you know exactly who has signed in or out across all of your visitor groups, and it’s updated in real-time, giving you a live, up-to-date view of who’s on site whenever you need it.

Emergency evacuations

Leading on from the point above, in the event of an emergency, it’s critical that you have an accurate list of who is on site and can access this whenever and wherever you need it. As a cloud service, Sign In App eliminates the need to print evacuation lists. You can simply access your up-to-date evacuation list immediately on a smartphone or any internet connected device.

Our Companion app also allows your appointed fire marshals to record the time it takes to complete a roll call, and a PDF report can be generated and shared for future records.

Health & safety compliance

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to health and safety on a construction site. You’ve got health questionnaires for contractors and visitors to complete, site safety information that they need to read and agree to… and then you need a process that makes it easy to keep a record of all of that documentation securely. A visitor management system can reduce the headache that often comes with health and safety compliance and provide you with a seamless solution.

You can ensure that visitors and contractors have read and accepted important information such as health & safety notices, non-disclosure agreements and privacy policies by presenting these when they sign in. Health questions can also be set up using custom fields, and these can be customised for each group type. All data is securely stored and easily accessed through the online portal.

Badge printing

Visitor badges are a great way to improve site security. By connecting a compatible Brother printer, a badge with your visitor’s details and photo can be printed automatically as they sign in. Badge templates can be tailored to suit your requirements using our intuitive badge builder, so if you need to draw attention to particular information you can alter the way this is presented on your badges.

Printers can be connected via ethernet, wifi, airprint or bluetooth, so you can choose the connection method that best suits your site.

Sign In Points

Sign In Points is the perfect solution for areas on construction sites where it may not be suitable to have an iPad present. A Sign In Point is a static QR code printed on a poster that you can display on your site for visitors or contractors to scan using their personal smartphone; they can then complete the full sign in process straight from their own device. You can print as many posters as you need which is great for busy sites or sites where they may be multiple entrances and exits.

Companion app

Our mobile companion app is available on iPhone and Android and supports the full sign in experience, allowing staff and contractors to sign in and out straight their smartphone and complete any additional information required when signing in. The today widget shows you who is also signed in, making it easy to access that real-time information we touched on above.

If you’d like to find out more about implementing a visitor management system on your construction site and would like to learn more about Sign In App, get in touch with our friendly team! We’re available on live chat, email and telephone - all of our contact details can be found here.