Supporting our local community: UK 2021 Charity of The Year

Here at Sign In App, there’s a few things we’re passionate about and two of those things are being proud of where we came from (our barn in Northamptonshire, where the core of our business is still run from) and supporting our global community. This year we’ve combined the two and chosen a local Northamptonshire mental health charity as our UK 2021 Charity of the Year. Throughout 2021, we will be supporting The Lowdown - a voluntary mental health charity, providing free and confidential counselling, emotional wellbeing, sexual health and LGBTQ support services for 11-25 year olds across the Northamptonshire area, local to our UK HQ.

Over the last year, businesses large and small have had to quickly adapt to new challenges, and charities haven’t had it easy either. Face to face support is invaluable and charities like The Lowdown have supported people through many difficulties and setbacks; young individuals simply not getting the support they need during a time when mental health support is more urgent than ever. As part of our efforts in supporting our community, we wanted to work with The Lowdown this year to help the younger generation to receive the support they need.

To raise as much money as possible for The Lowdown, we’ll be hosting a variety of fundraising events throughout the year to increase awareness of The Lowdown and the services they provide. We’ll be kicking off with Pride Month 2021 where we will be donating 10% of all new subscriptions during June towards The Lowdown. In July, some of the team will be blowing the dust off their running trainers and preparing to get very muddy in The Wolf Run - a 10km obstacle course where we’ll be swimming in a lake, climbing over walls and getting stuck in thick mud!

We are excited to support a charity within our local community. As we work towards completing The Wolf Run together as a team, we will also be celebrating Pride Month 2021 and demonstrating our commitment to growing a diverse workforce. Together we are looking forward to raising as much awareness of the charity’s cause as possible and fundraising for a great cause.
— Dan Harding, CEO of Sign In App

Ellie White, Fundraising and Marketing Manager of The Lowdown concludes, “We are looking forward to working with Sign In App and are so grateful for the team’s continued support of our essential work. We believe there is no need for young people to experience difficult situations alone and are determined to spread our message and promote our services with the help of our fantastic charity partners.

If you’d like to help us raise money for a fantastic cause, and support our attempt of the Wolf Run, we and the team at The Lowdown would be really grateful for any donations which can be made here:

To find out more about The Lowdown’s services, please visit