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Fire / evacuation list

Fire lists can save lives. Nothing is more important than the safety of everyone on site. With Sign In App, no one is left behind.

Three iPhones displaying different screens from the Firelist section of the Sign In App Companion App

Ensure visitor and staff safety

Whether it’s a fire drill or real life emergency, ensuring your fire list is an accurate reflection of everyone in the building is critically important. With custom groups, Sign In App can be used by every visitor and staff member on site, building a centralised and accurate real-time list for your roll call.

Firelist view on the Sign In App portal shown in a browser window

Your fire list, where you need it

As a cloud service, Sign In App’s fire list can be accessed from anywhere, reducing the time it takes to evacuate the building. No more printing fire lists, or collecting manual visitor books and timesheets. The real-time evacuation list is available immediately on a smartphone or any internet connected device.

iMac, iPad and, iPhone displaying the firelist section of the portal, Sign In App and companion app respectively

Everyone accounted for

With Sign In App Companion for iOS and Android, appointed fire marshals have access to your site’s fire list from their smartphone. Companion is ideal for roll calls as each individual can be marked as present from the phone. A timer records how long the roll call takes to complete from the moment the alarm sounds. To keep an accurate record, comments can be added and a PDF report generated and shared.

Two iPhones showing screens from the Firelist and sharing options of the Sign In App Companion App

Evacuation points

Evacuation points allow you to group together people on your fire list for more efficient roll calls. Each site can have unlimited evacuation points and you can assign groups and individuals to each point. The fire list can easily be filtered by evacuation point giving you more control in the event of an emergency.

Pullout of evacuation point filter buttons from the Sign In App portal.

Identify and locate

In the unlikely event that someone is unaccounted for, Sign In App gives the fire marshal access to all visitor information captured during sign in including their photo. Information like who they were visiting and what they look like can be key in ascertaining if they are in danger and helping to locate them as quickly as possible.

Pullout of an individuals information shown on the firelist portal screens