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QR codes

Tap, show and go. It works like magic. QR codes is the fastest way to sign in visitors and staff using the camera built into your iPad.

iPad showing the QR code scanner screen next to an iPhone showing the companion app dashboard with QR code
Pull out of the QR code used in a preregister email


Automatically email pre-registered guests their own personalised QR code. When they arrive, all they need to do is show their email to your Sign In App iPad camera and all their details will be pre-populated for them. A seamless and professional experience that makes for a great first impression.

Various items utilising QR codes and barcodes compatible with the Sign In App

Easy staff sign in

The key to staff buy-in is keeping any new process painless and quick. Staff QR codes can help make signing in and out an enjoyable part of everyone’s daily routine. Store your unique QR code in the companion app on your phone, on your keyring, or on your existing staff passes. Wherever you keep your QR code, signing in and out quickly becomes second nature.

Contractor badge utilising a QR code for signing in and out

Other regular visitors

QR codes are open to all repeat visitor groups, not just staff. So if you have regular visitors such as contractors, governors or cleaners, you can easily assign them their own QR code for your sign in system. Our companion app for iPhone and Android phones means they’ll never forget their QR code.

Demonstration of an existing staff badge that already has a compatible barcode

Also supports barcodes

If your existing staff passes have regular barcodes, don’t worry, Sign In App supports these too! Just connect your barcodes the same way as a QR code. We support barcodes with the following encodes; upce, code39, code39Mod43, code93, code128, ean8, ean13, aztec, pdf417, itf14, dataMatrix, interleaved2of5.

Visitor badge with QR code next to an iPad showing the 'Thank your for signing out' screen of the Sign In App

Speedy sign out

If you are printing visitor badges, these can also include a QR code for faster signing out. When your visitor is ready to leave, they can scan their pass to sign out, before handing it back to their host.