User Guide

Introducing Sign In App

Sign In App is a simple, easy to use app for registering visitors and staff. As guests sign in, their details are stored in a secure visitor management portal, providing you with real time visitor information and reports.

This documentation is a guide to getting started with the app.

Contact us

If you need any additional help or support with any aspect of Sign In App, contact the team on or tweet @signinapp.

Getting Started

Get up and running with Sign In App in your reception quickly and easily. 5 steps walk you through the set up process.

How-to Guides

  • Mobile sign in - signing in from Sign In App Companion for smartphones

The App

A full walkthrough of Sign In App and its features.

Online portal

A quick guide to the Sign In App online portal.

Configure site

Sign In App is easy to customise and personalise for your business or school. Here we explore all of the available options.


Groups allow you to customise the sign in experience for different types of visitor.

Sign In App Companion

  • Introduction - to our companion app for smartphones
  • Getting started - how to download and connect the app
  • Sign in - sign in quickly and easily with your QR code
  • Pre-register - send invitations and QR codes from your phone
  • Fire list - access your site's fire list and generate reports

Sign In App Companion is an iPhone and Android app designed for use by staff members to pre-register guests, access the fire list and store their staff QR code.

Video tutorials