Safety+ evacuation

Introducing the all new Safety+ shared evacuation report - join evacuations with colleagues and account for everyone on site in real-time across multiple devices, ensuring no one is left behind. When an evacuation is completed reports are synced with the cloud, giving you access to historic reports from any device at any time.

Screenshot showing an overview of the Safety+ shared evacuation list from the portl

Minimum versions

You will also need to ensure that you’re running the following versions

  • iOS Companion app: 2.3.0 or later
  • Android Companion app: 2.3.0 or later
  • iPad app: 4.2.0 or later

Enabling Safety+

To enable Safety+ evacuation go to Manage and scroll down to Sign In App+. Clicking Shared evacuation reports will enable the feature for your account.

Screenshot of Sign In App+ section of the portal

Getting started

Once Safety+ evacuation has been enabled, from Companion app or the iPad app, you will be able to choose between Shared report and Local report.

The opption to select either a shared or local evacuation report


Shared evacuations can be started, joined, and completed from Sign In App Companion for smartphones, the online portal and the iPad app in the same way. In this guide we’re going to run through an example to give you an idea of how shared evacuation reports can be used. This will mainly be done using Sign In App Companion. From our experience this is the best way to complete evacuation reports as you’re likely to have a network connection, either cellular or WiFi, which is essential for Safety+ evacuation.

If you don’t have Sign In App Companion set up, we’d recommend that you read through the full guide here.


The real-time communication between devices connected to a shared evacuation report is enabled through a technology called Pusher. It’s important that the pusher domain is whitelisted on your network firewall if you connect to wifi. The domain depends on the region your data is stored in;

  • UK :
  • EU :
  • US :
  • AU :

If you’re unsure where your data is stored, please email and we can help.

MIS integration for schools

For UK based schools who have groups synced with MIS systems, students marked as present in your MIS register will appear on Safety+ shared evacuation reports. The report will show all students who have signed in late using Sign In App and those who have been marked as present during registration. Students who have signed out via Sign In App after registration will not appear on the report.


When you start an evacuation report, Sign In App will request the most up-to-date data from Wonde. The register must be completed and uploaded to Wonde before it will appear on evacuation reports.

Starting an evacuation

From Sign In App Companion, tap the evacuation icon at the bottom, make sure the correct Site is selected and tap Start an evacuation. A timer will display how long the evacuation has been in progress. Below this there’s an overview of the shared report and you can toggle between sorting by groups or evacuation points.

Towards the bottom there’s a list of the participants who have joined the report (this can include users logged in to the portal, staff members on Companion, and the iPads connected to your site). You will also see any offline iPads, this is important because offline records won’t appear on the evacuation list. Finally, you can add comments, these are visible for everyone who has joined the report.

Overview of Companion app after starting a shared evacuation report

Accounting for evacuees

First, use the filter to switch between groups or evacuation points. Tap the group or evac point to see all the evacuees. By default, an evacuee is unaccounted for. Tap the tick to mark them as present, and the cross to mark them as missing. At the bottom of the screen you will see a progress circle with the percentage of evacuees accounted for.

Showing evacuees being accounted for from Companion app

Filter by personal field

When viewing a shared evacuation report you can tap the Apply Filter button to filter evacuees by personal fields. You need to select a repeat visitor group to be able to filter by personal field.

Joining the report

Now we’ve started the shared report on Sign In App Companion, we can join from another device. Once a report is in progress, selecting the evacuation option from any device will give you the option to join the shared report. You will see any evacuees already accounted for and start checking off people from your evacuation point or visitor group - all actions will be shared with the other devices that have joined the report.

Screenshot of more than 1 person joining the shared evacuation report

Adding comments

You can add comments to the evacuation report in real-time allowing you to share information across devices. Comments are also included in the completed report, so use these to record any issues or communicate during the evacuation.

Comments being added to the shared evacuation report in real time

Ending and leaving reports

Once you’ve accounted for everyone on site it’s time to finish the evacuation report. Tapping Finish report will give you two options, Close the report for all and Leave report.

Tapping Close the report for all will end the report for all participants - only do this if you’re sure the evacuation has been completed, once confirmed this action cannot be undone.

Selecting Leave report will keep the evacuation running, but the device you’re using will leave the report, you can rejoin the report after doing this.

Ending or leaving a shared evacuation report


When the site evacuation has been completed we recommend ending the report straight away so the duration of the report is recorded accurately. After 4 hours of inactivity, the report will be automatically closed.

Viewing reports

Once the evacuation report has been closed for all it can now be viewed from any device with access to the evacuation reports. From Sign In App Companion, tap the evacuation icon and then select View previous reports. You will see a list of all the evacuation reports that have been carried out. Tap to view the full details of the report.

Overview of the completed shared evacuation report from Companion app

Reports from the portal

From the Sign In App portal you can print, export, and delete evacuation reports. You can navigate to your evacuation reports from the portal by going to Evacuate > View previous report or Reports > Evacuations. You can then click on a report to view the report detail. Clicking the printer icon will give you the option to print or download the report. Click the bin icon to delete the report (this action can’t be undone).

Screenshot showing an overview of the Safety+ shared evacuation list from the portl

We hope you've found this guide useful but if you have any questions around Safety+ evacuations or any Sign In App feature, please contact our support team at

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