Flexible timekeeping for the way you work

Transform your visitor management system into a robust timekeeping tool, including working hours, absence reports and time tracking - all without sacrificing safety and compliance.*

*Add Time & Attendance to your existing Sign In App subscription from $500 per year.

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and paperwork

Know when employees are scheduled to work

Improve working hours accuracy for payroll

Reduce the cost of unscheduled absenteeism

Know when employees are on the clock

Activity statuses enable you to go beyond employee check-in, allowing you to differentiate time spent working/on breaks/lunch while signed into a physical location. Activity statuses have been designed to solve more than one problem, so you can customize your statuses to work for your organization e.g. time spent on projects.

Easily manage multiple working patterns

Time & Attendance is built for the modern workplace, making it easy to manage flexible and hybrid working. Working Hours enables you to create and assign weekly work patterns, defining fixed/flexible working hours and set customized break times so you can track hours worked against expected hours.

Share expected working hours with employees via Sign In Companion.

Enable employees to request changes to their working hours and record absences.

Review changes and export timesheet reports from the online portal.

Absence management made easy

Whether you're aiming to identify patterns of absenteeism or punctuality, or simply need to record absences due to holidays or sickness, Working Hours helps you plan and communicate shifts and absences through tools your employees already use today.

Flexible, advanced reporting

Time & Attendance introduces more customization options for timesheets and advanced export options, providing better compatibility with payroll CSV imports. Group member filtering and bulk edit tools makes it easy to make changes across a number of employees.

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