Multiple sites

Powerful multi-site visitor management in one easy to use portal. Customize the visitor experience for each site while maintaining a global staff list for simple staff sign in.

Switch between sites

From your portal login, you can easily switch between your sites. Quickly see who is signed into each building and manage configuration options centrally. Switching sites only takes two clicks and gives you total control over your Sign In App environment.

View history for each site

As useful as it is to manage sites centrally, it’s important that your visitor history is kept separate. All visitor reports are run on a site by site basis, including the Today and History screens on the online portal. Sign In App centralises data where it’s useful, and keeps it separate where it makes sense.

Restrict user access

Control which sites each user can access. Open up site switching to all, or limit it to just site admins and senior staff, it’s up to you. Portal users can be restricted to a single site, or have the option to switch between sites as required.

Manage one central staff list

Allow staff to easily move between sites, keeping an accurate record of their sign in history between locations. Manage a central list of staff and assign them QR codes that work across all of your sites.

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