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Custom data fields

Add custom data fields and tailor them to each group type, giving you total control over the sign in experience and the data gathered.

Set up for each group type

Sign In App asks every guest to enter their full name but after that, the information you collect is up to you. Comply with data regulations by making sure you only collect relevant information for each group. For important fields, make sure they're completed by marking them as required.

Pull out from Sign In App portal showing the new custom field setup options

Custom data types

Select from eight different types of field including plain text, email, phone numbers or create your own custom drop down lists for guests to select from. Pick up to five additional fields to shape your visitor profile.

A selection of custom fields type examples including dropdowns, uppercase and staff lists

Export the data you collect

All of the additional information you capture is available to you when exporting sign in history. Select which fields you wish to include each time you export. If you plan to capture contact information for marketing purposes or to import to a CRM system, make sure to add a field for guests to opt-in.

Example of an exported spreadsheet showing visitor details and appropriate custom field information

Available for employees too

Custom data fields are not just limited to standard guests, they can be set up for employees too. This can be used to collect statistical data around your employees such as how they travelled to work.

iPad displaying a multiple choice question for a staff member who has signed out

Full visibility

All custom data fields appear on a printed visitor badge, giving you the ability to easily view and verify the information captured, including who the guest is visiting, car registration and more.

An example of custom fields displayed on a printed visitor badge

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