Name: Cargill, Incorporated
Industry: Agriculture
Size: 155,000 employees
Location: Head Office – Minneapolis, MN, USA; Working in 70 countries
Number of sites using Sign In App: ~109

Cargill is an agricultural company with a purpose to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. They connect farmers with markets, customers with ingredients, and people and animals with the food they need to thrive. Cargill combines their experience with new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner for food, agriculture, financial and industrial customers in more than 125 countries.

Previously Cargill were reporting contractor hours manually by adding up sign ins of contractors and visitors on a paper sheet. After recognising how time consuming the task was, they turned to Sign In App to streamline their process across over 100 sites.

We caught up with the team at Cargill to see what their experience has been like so far…

What process were you using before Sign In App?

We were reporting contractor hours on a monthly basis which was a manual and time consuming task that was completed by Plant Managers within our grain elevators. This was completed by adding up manual sign ins that were done on a paper sheet to track contractors and visitors to our locations.

Why did you choose Sign In App?

While exploring different opportunities to optimize and modernize how visitors/contractors signed in we came across Sign In App. After signing up for the trial and testing what and how Sign In App could be incorporated at our facilities we quickly realized that there were many more benefits than simply tracking and reporting. Coming across the Evacuations feature was an added bonus that addresses a key safety component of being able to account for visitors in the event of an emergency.

What’s your experience been like with the Sign In App team?

Working with the Sign In App team has been fantastic. They are quick to respond to enquiries and bring forward application enhancements or fixes to their development teams. When creating new locations they are flexible with the time taken to get a location fully onboarded.

Which features have you made particular use of?

Sign in/out, notifications, tailored outward facing messaging, RFID readers, automated reporting, custom fields, evacuations, companion app users… to name only a few.

How has Sign In App improved processes for you?

Through the use of Companion App, we’ve improved visitor/contractor tracking by knowing who is on site. Sign In App has also improved our safety processes through use of the Evacuation feature on the companion app (no one has to run into that burning building to get that clipboard!). We’re also saving time through the automated reporting feature. The RFID sign in capabilities is also feature that is starting to be used more in the larger facilities that we are onboarding which is saving time with the sign in process.

Would you recommend Sign In App to other companies?