How to choose the best visitor management system for your business

In a world where security and efficiency are paramount, many businesses across the United States and globally are turning to advanced technology to manage their visitor experiences. The traditional sign-in sheet at the front desk is no longer sufficient when it comes to maintain a secure workplace; many organizations are now investing in visitor management systems (VMS) to not only enhance security but also streamline the check-in process.

Choosing the best visitor management system for your business is crucial, and below we'll dive into the key considerations you should have in mind when selecting the best visitor management system for your organizations’ unique needs.

1. Are there customization options?

Every organization is unique, and the best visitor management systems should be able to adapt to your specific requirements. Look for systems that offer customization options for badges, data fields, home screens, messages/policies, notifications and more. This flexibility ensures that the VMS aligns with your brand and provides a seamless experience for visitors.

2. What security features are there?

Security is a top priority for businesses, particularly in today’s world, and your VMS should be equipped with robust features to safeguard your premises. When looking for the best visitor management system for your organization, see if they offer photo capture, badge printing, block lists and notifications. Some advanced systems even use facial recognition technology for repeat visitors such as employees and contractors for an added layer of security. Ensure that the VMS complies with industry standards and regulations to guarantee the protection of sensitive information.

3. How easy is it to use?

A user-friendly interface is essential for a smooth visitor check-in process, particularly if you have a flow of visitors of different ages or abilities. Look for a VMS that is intuitive and easy-to-use for both visitors and staff. Features such as self-check-in, mobile check-ins, and QR code scanning can enhance the overall visitor experience and reduce wait times.

Tip: when considering how easy it is to use, also consider how easy it is to set up. Is it possible to get set up without needing on-site implementation or expensive consulting fees?

4. Can it integrate with your existing systems?

A VMS that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems can significantly optimize overall operational efficiency. Look at integrations such as Google Workspace, Azure AD or school information systems - these integrations can help to automatically keep data such as staff data in sync and up-to-date. This is particularly useful when it comes to knowing exactly who is on site in the event of an emergency.

5. How easy is it to scale?

Do you already have multiple business locations or are you growing rapidly? If so, the best visitor management system for you will be one that can scale easily. Choose a solution that can accommodate an increasing number of visitors and is easy to manage multiple sites and add more from one portal.

6. Is it compliant and what reporting features are there?

Maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements is crucial for organizations both in the United States and across the world. Look for a VMS that provides reporting capabilities such as allowing you to track visitor data, generate reports on visitor history, and store important information securely.

Investing in a VMS is a strategic decision that can significantly impact the security and efficiency of your business. By prioritizing the considerations listed above, you can confidently choose the best visitor management system to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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