Deploying a visitor management system and the benefits of strategic data center locations in North America

Visitor management systems have come a long way in recent years, becoming increasingly important for streamlining health and safety protocols and improving visitor and employee sign in experiences. It goes without saying that personal data is inevitably captured during any sign in process and whilst digital visitor management systems are already one step ahead when it comes to data security for sign in processes, there is even more value to be had from a solution with strategic data center locations.

At Sign In App, we're not just committed to technological innovation; we're leading it. Creating one of the market leading visitor management systems (VMS) is a testament to this commitment, but alongside this, we also recognize the strategic importance of data center locations, particularly across North America. With data centers on the West and East Coasts of the United States, and in Canada, customers can strengthen operational efficiency and ensure compliance with data privacy laws.

Benefits of Sign In App’s visitor management system

Streamlined visitor check-in

Sign In App streamlines the visitor check-in process, significantly reducing wait times and enhancing the visitor experience. This efficiency is vital for organizations looking to maintain smooth and swift operations.

Seamless employee check-in across sites

Manage a global employee list and offer quick and easy employee check-in across your sites using our smartphone Companion app, RFID sign in, iPad and contactless. “The RFID sign in capabilities is a feature that is starting to be used more in the larger facilities that we are onboarding which is saving time with the sign in process.” - Cargill, 100+ sites with Sign In App

Improved security and risk mitigation

Our VMS is designed to provide unparalleled security and risk mitigation for organizations. It monitors and manages visitor access, ensuring that facilities are safeguarded against unauthorized entries and potential security risks.

Multi-site management

With Sign In App, you can centrally manage sites across multiple regions seamlessly while still maintaining data residency for compliance.

Data compliance and insights

Sign In App’s visitor management system is not just a tool for managing visitors, contractors and staff; it's a resource for compliance and data analysis. It helps organizations adhere to local and federal regulations regarding visitor information management, while providing valuable insights into visitor patterns and behaviors.

“Sign In App has also improved data accuracy. It captures accurate visitor information, including names, contact details, and reasons for the visit. This data can be used to generate reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into visitor behavior and trends.” - Bartlett City Schools, 2 sites with Sign In App

The strategic advantages of our data center locations

Our data center locations are not only chosen for their geographic diversity but also for their ability to comply with regional regulations, such data privacy laws. Below are the advantages of some of our data center locations:

  • West Coast data center

Our West Coast data center embodies a commitment to stringent data privacy standards, meticulously aligning with California's robust data privacy laws. By operating within the framework of California's rigorous legal landscape, we offer an enhanced layer of security and trust. This strategic alignment not only fortifies our data management practices but also underscores our dedication to upholding the highest standards of data integrity and confidentiality for our clients.

  • East Coast data center

Our East Coast data center provides an advantageous alternative for global clients who prefer to keep their data within the United States, yet require efficient connectivity to European markets. By offering lower latency connections to Europe, these centers bridge the geographical divide, ensuring swift and seamless data transmission. This setup is particularly beneficial for clients who, for various reasons, opt not to utilize our European data centers. It exemplifies our commitment to flexible, global service offerings while adhering to clients' specific data residency preferences and regulatory compliance needs.

  • Canadian data center

Canada's comprehensive data privacy regulations means our Canadian data center offers a significant advantage, particularly for our local customers. This alignment with Canada's stringent privacy laws not only reinforces data security but also provides our customers with the confidence that their data is managed in full compliance with regional legal requirements. This aspect is especially crucial in an era where data residency and sovereignty are increasingly becoming top priorities for businesses.

To learn more about how Sign In App can be tailored to the unique requirements of different industries across North America or to find out more about our 6 different data center locations, get in touch with the team here. Alternatively, get started today with a 15 day free trial here.