Fire safety

Ensure everyone is accounted for in the event of an emergency with easy access to your evacuation list from a tablet, computer or smartphone.

Interactive, intelligent

The evacuation list on Sign In App is presented as a list of all individuals who have signed in or out of your site, with a photo, last updated time and checkbox to mark them as present. Working alongside your registration information, Sign In App allows you to ditch the paperwork and instead, take advantage of the technology available to make the process not only compliant, but safer too.

Available on any device

You can access your evacuation list from any internet connected device. Sign In App Companion for iPhone and Android allows nominated individuals to open the evacuation list from an app on the phone, while the secure online web portal can be accessed from any internet connected device. Or, simply pick the iPad up from reception as you leave.

Timed roll call and PDF reports

In the event of an evacuation, use the companion app for phones to take your roll call. Simply check off all present and use the timer function to record an accurate log of the time it takes. Once the roll call is complete, share a PDF of the report including any additional comments. This report can then help streamline the process for future evacuations.