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With a variety of customisable features to improve visitor management and staff sign in, Sign In App is perfect for schools, colleges and universities. With the ability to integrate our safety and security features with your existing MIS system, it’s easy to start using Sign In App to sign in visitors, staff and students on site.

GDPR Compliant

Having total control of your data is more important than ever. Personal, identifiable data is inevitably captured during any sign in process. Sign In App helps you balance holding critical information in the interests of safety and reporting, while respecting and maintaining the privacy of your guests, staff & students.

Late pupils/Early leavers

Attendance records are a key part of critical inspections and Sign In App can help you record this information easily, safely and accurately. Sign In App provides a central record including late registrations, visitors and early leavers so key information is on hand in the event of an evacuation or information request.

Compatible with trusts

Sign In App works well with school trusts, allowing multiple sites on one account and the ability to switch portal spaces between individual trust locations to limit access for individuals when required.


Sign In App stores all visitor information securely in the cloud, giving you real time visibility and ensuring compliance with GDPR and safeguarding policies.

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Intelligent connections with your existing MIS systems makes it easier than ever to accurately record sign in activity on your site.

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Fire safety

Ensure everyone is accounted for in the event of an emergency with easy access to your fire list from a tablet, computer or smartphone.

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Attendance records are a key part of critical inspections and Sign In App can help you record this information easily, safely and accurately.

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Easy to install

Sign In App is a standalone system that’s simple to set up. All that’s needed is to connect the iPad to a stable WiFi connection and download the app.

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Won't break the budget

An annual subscription to Sign In App costs just £345 per site*. This includes all features, unlimited devices and no limits on users or visitors.

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*Additional charges for MIS integrations may apply

Good value, easy setup, easy to use, expandable at low cost, the constant development of software, friendly responsive support. It’s often the after sales and support that lets companies down but not so with Sign In App - they have been one of the best companies I have dealt with in recent years.
Paul Burberry, Exmouth Community College
The team at Sign In App have gone above and beyond in quickly incorporating new function ideas, often within a matter of days which has been a refreshing experience, so we’ve been very impressed with the levels of customer service.
Alex Holmes, Derby College
Sign In App is an intuitive, easy to use system of signing in. We have had fabulous feedback from staff and visitors alike. With new GDPR now in operation, we find this a secure and easy way for visitors and staff to sign in.
Jacquelyn Stevens, Corsham Primary School

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