Risk management

Sign In App stores all visitor information securely in the cloud, giving you real-time visibility and ensuring compliance with GDPR and safeguarding policies.

Reduce risk and stay compliant

Have total control over who enters your school with flexible tools to capture and store the data you need, screen visitors and alert school officials of potential risks.

Know exactly who is on site

Sign In App provides you with a real-time view of everyone on site and all data collected during the check-in process is stored securely in the cloud and can be access from your online portal.

Control who enters the building

Screen every visitor entering the building and collect the information you need from visitors and employees to improve the safety of everyone on site and comply with regulations.

Improve security with visitor badges

Visitor badges are an inexpensive way to verify visitor identity. Our intuitive badge builder enables you to customize your badges and highlight important information.

Search visitor history

Sign In App’s secure online portal gives you instant access to a complete log of visitors to your site. In the event of an incident, search by name or date to review all information provided including a visitor photo and copy of the badge. Access, analyze and report on your visitor history with Sign In App.