Intelligent connections with your existing SIS makes it easy to keep student and staff data in sync, improving student safety even further.

Sync with Classlink

Sign In App is a certified Classlink partner. Our Classlink integration enables you to automatically sync your student and staff lists to ensure your data is always up-to-date.

Keep emergency lists up-to-date

With your student roster synced directly to Sign In App, if they arrive late or leave early, they can sign in and out using the kiosk in your reception area, ensuring your evacuation list is always accurate.


In addition to receiving notifications via SMS and email, our notification tools can also hook into your Slack channels and MS Teams, so you can ensure school officials are notified about risks in the most efficient way possible.

Employee sign in

When syncing your staff list, your employees will automatically appear in a Sign In App group, allowing them to sign in and out using the app and receive notifications regarding visitor arrivals, potential risks and emergencies.