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Meet the team behind Sign In App, learn what we stand for and what drives us forward.

We’ve come a long way since Sign In App’s first release as a passion project back in 2014. From a handful of local sites to over 250 million sign ins across more than 18,000 sites in 50 countries worldwide, it’s been quite the journey and we’re just getting started. The Sign In App team has been key to our success, growing with the platform and each contributing their own ideas while working hard to deliver updates, new features and support our community.

We believe technology can be an enabler and through Sign In App, we’ve been able to help schools, businesses and venues comply with regulations and adapt to overcome the challenges of an ever changing workplace.

Since the very beginning, we’ve been guided by six key principles that remain just as relevant today:

Serious about safety

At its very core, Sign In App is a tool to help you ensure the safety of everyone on site. That’s where we started and visitor safety will always be at the heart of everything we do.

Privacy matters

We all need to collect and store data to ensure people’s safety on site, but what we do with that data afterwards is equally important. We lead the way with data privacy features.

Protecting your data

We take our responsibilities seriously and we understand the trust you place in us. Our global infrastructure is hosted in Tier 4 data centres and is designed to be robust and secure.

Going the extra mile

We want everyone to have a great experience when using Sign In App, whether you’re signing up or needing support. That’s why we always aim to exceed your expectations.

Innovators in our field

We’re not ones to stand still and we push out updates with new features every single month. We embrace new technologies and are always thinking about the future.

Affordable, dependable

We believe software shouldn’t cost the earth and pricing should be simple and fair for all. Most importantly, you can depend on us, with 99.995% uptimes and support when you need it.

Building a global platform

You’ll find Sign In App in over 50 countries worldwide and that list is growing. Our six global data centres allow you to store your data in a location close to home, while our extended support hours mean you can speak to a member of the team when you need us. Sign In App is available in 10 languages and supports over 20 languages for your visitors.

Values we strive towards

We’ll never be satisfied. It’s both a blessing and a curse. We’re driven to learn and grow each day, and while we can be proud of what we’ve accomplished, we’ll always be focused on what comes next. Our values remind us where we came from, how we got here and what’s truly important to us.

Customer first

Our community comes first, always.


Assume best intent and have respect for our clients, for our colleagues and for ourselves.

Accountability & empowerment

Take control and deliver on expectations. Advocate for yourself and your team.

Honesty & positivity

Be sincere, open and authentic. Be a positive influence on others and embrace a ‘can do’ attitude.

Work/life balance

Take work seriously but don’t forget to have fun.

We hear you

Community feedback helps shape Sign In App. Whether you’re commenting on new features or sharing your wishlist for future enhancements, we’re listening. When you get in touch, you can always expect a reply from the team and every time we receive a review, it motivates us and drives us to stay at the top of our game.

The team behind the tech

Behind each and every product release, support ticket or onboarding call, is a team of talented, creative and dedicated people. Countless hours of planning, prototyping, thought and care go into every update, while our customer experience team go above and beyond for our clients each and every day.

A workplace free from discrimination

We sincerely believe that strength comes from diversity. We’re committed to building an inclusive workplace where everyone can be true to themselves, feel empowered and share their unique points of view. We celebrate equality and aspire to build a team as diverse as our global community.

Want to know more?

Hopefully you now have an insight into the Sign In App team, what motivates us and the core values and principles that guide us. We’re proud of the feedback we get and we’re delighted to be supporting our community as they sign in guests and employees safely. If you want to know more, get in touch or follow us on social media.

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Careers at Sign In App

We take a people-first approach to technology, business and everything else. From software designed around the user, to building the best environment and perks for our team, people are at the centre of everything we do.

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