How to utilise a visitor management system for employees

Visitor management systems nowadays go far beyond the standard signing in and out of guests on site. A VMS can improve health and safety, site security and, in many situations, may also be critical for compliance. Further to this, many visitor management systems can also now support employee sign in, allowing you to manage the sign in and safety of both visitors and employees all in one solution.

Would bringing multiple solutions into one system be ideal for your organisation? Keep on reading to see how you could utilise a visitor management system for employees.

Employee onboarding

A visitor management system is known for ensuring you make a great first impression with guests visiting your site, but this can also apply to new employees.

Onboarding new starters with a visitor management system allows you to send a welcome email which you can attach important site information to such as site policies, health & safety documents or NDAs, so you can how them your standards for employee safety and wellbeing from day one.

Extra tip: using a VMS that integrates with existing systems such as Azure AD or Google Workspace could enable you to automate these welcome emails.

Smooth sign in process

There’s so many different ways for employees to sign in using a visitor management system. Employees can sign in straight from the tablet in your reception just like your guests. Or to minimise queues in your lobby area, many visitor management systems have a smartphone app which enables employees to sign in from their mobile. Some solutions may also include auto sign in/out on mobile - making the process even smoother.

Keep track of hours worked

There’s no need to have a separate time clocking system if you have a VMS that supports employee sign in. As they sign in and out, their hours for the day will automatically be calculated into a report which can be exported whenever you need it.

If you operate with a hybrid working policy, being able to track their own hours could also be useful for your team.

Improve safety and wellbeing on site

During the sign in process with a VMS, you can add important policies and ask critical questions to help manage the safety of everyone on-site. Questions could be used if you have specific health entry requirements or you may want to use them to check in on how your employees are doing when they sign out. If policies change, it’s quick and simple to update these to share with your team.

Having an accurate list of who’s on site in the event of an emergency is crucial for maintaining safety. By having all of your employees sign in and out on the same system as your guests, you’ll be able to get quick access to an up-to-date evacuation list of everyone that’s in the building.

Improve safety and wellbeing off site

Looking after the wellbeing of your remote employees is just as important as your on-site team. With a visitor management system that has a smartphone app for employees, your remote team can sign in and out too. Not only does this allow you to keep track of hours worked, but utilising the questions feature during the sign in/out process can be great for checking in on how your team is doing. Adding a “how was your day?” question when they sign out is a simple way to show your employees you care about their wellbeing.

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