Bartlett City Schools

Name: Bartlett City Schools
Industry: Education
Size: 9,000 Students and 1,200 Employees
Location: Bartlett, TN
Number of sites using Sign In App: 2

Bartlett City Schools is a K-12 system comprising six elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high school campuses. Their current enrollment is a little over 9,000 students and approximately 1,200 employees.

Bartlett City Schools had recently gone to a 1:1 device-to-student ratio and needed a way to manage all the students coming to the tech office for support, and were looking for a solution that allowed their staff to monitor who was coming and out of the office. But the greatest challenge they were facing was managing volume - they had 2 tech staff members supporting 2,300 users.

That’s what led them to Sign In App. We recently caught up with Joey Mitchell, Technology Supervisor at Bartlett City Schools, to find out more about their experience with Sign In App…

Why was Sign In App your visitor management system of choice?

Sign In App seemed to be the product that best fit our needs. Not only were we able to set up the sign in solution to solve our challenges, but the notifications and reporting is an added bonus too.

What’s your experience been like with the Sign In App team?

Our experience to date has been wonderful. We can track all our visitors to the office each day as well as run daily and weekly reports on who has been to the office and what issues we saw from those visitors.

Which features have you made particular use of?

The notification piece is what we love most. Instead of having to wait on calls or walk out of the office every so often to check for visitors, we now get notified when a visitor is needing support.

How has Sign In App added value/improved processes in your organization?

Sign In App has streamlined sign-in process. Visitors can easily sign in using an iPad. This saves time and eliminates the need for manual data entry, which can be error-prone.

Sign In App has also improved data accuracy. It captures accurate visitor information, including names, contact details, and reasons for the visit. This data can be used to generate reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into visitor behavior and trends.

Would you recommend Sign In App to other organizations?


Do you want to streamline your visitor management process and improve the accuracy of visitor data you’re capturing like Bartlett City Schools? Our friendly customer experience team here at Sign In App would love to chat about how our solutions can help. Find all of our contact details here, or if you’re ready to get started you can start a 15 day free trial here.