Sign In App

Online portal

Sign In App’s easy to use online portal gives you access to your sign in history, fire list and site settings from a desktop or laptop.

Live today view

The Today view answers the question, who’s in my building? Today is updated in real-time, giving you a live view across all your groups for the selected site. Your guest's full profile is a click away with their custom data, photograph, badge and signed documents. Pre-registering visitors is only a click away and you can also sign in guests straight from the Today view.

Browser window showing the today view on the Sign In App portal

Pre-register guests

Pre-register your guests for a great first impression. When they arrive, all their details are pre-populated and you can choose to send a branded invitation email with QR code for even faster signing in. From the online portal you can view and manage all upcoming pre-registrations and resend invitations.

Preregister visitor popup form from the Sign In App portal

Complete sign in history

The history view is a complete log of your visitor and employee sign in activity within your data retention period. Search and filter your data and export reports for each group to CSV. Looking for an individual who signed in? Search by their name or any of the information they provided when they signed in.

Pull outs demonstrating key elements from the history view of the portal

Set up and configure

Customize the sign in experience and manage your groups all from the online portal. Set up custom fields, policies and select badge templates without needing to access an iPad. The latest configuration and settings are loaded automatically when the app is opened.

MacBook showing the settings screen on the Sign In App portal

Manage users

You can easily add users to your online portal, and with Sign In App there are no limits or restrictions to the number of users you can set up. Each user can log in to the online portal using their email address and password, and user access can be restricted as required.

Demonstration of staff members with different portal access settings

Switch between sites

Sign In App is ideal for multi-site environments, as you can manage all of your sites from one portal. Each site can have its own welcome screen, messages and custom fields, while the staff list is shared, allowing employees to easily move between sites.

Demonstration of a list of site sections on the Sign In App portal

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