Business Continuity Plan Policy Statement

Sign In App (together with its affiliated companies) is a software solution used by organisations of all sizes to reduce risk, optimise employee engagement and welcome visitors efficiently. To reflect the critical nature of the product, Sign In App is committed to a high-availability approach with infrastructure designed to ensure resilience, security and scalability.

In the event of a significant business disruption we aim to recover and resume business as soon as possible. We will:

  • Safeguard our employees and property
  • Make financial and operational assessments
  • Protect the company's resources and data
  • Inform our key stakeholders (where appropriate)

In the event of a significant business disruption our employees are trained to follow our Business Continuity Policy with nominated individuals having responsibility for key tasks. Our aim is to resume operations as quickly as possible, given the scope and severity of the event.

Our infrastructure has been designed with resilience in mind and, in line with the ISO 27001:2013 framework, we audit, risk assess and strive for continual improvement in all areas of our business.

Contacting us during a significant business disruption event:

Policy Review Statement

  • This policy statement may be reviewed at any time and at the request of either staff or management, but will automatically be reviewed annually unless organisational changes, legislation, guidance or non-compliance prompt an earlier review.

Our full Business Continuity Plan Policy is available on request.

For further information about Sign In App’s Business Continuity Planning, please contact: