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Stand Options

Our stands are sturdy, secure and look great in receptions. That’s why our $1,377.10 full package includes a Bouncepad to sit on your reception desk or mount to your desk or wall.

First impressions

We recommend and supply Bouncepads as they balance good looks with security features making them ideal for businesses and schools. Robust build quality means they stand up to continual use 24/7 and they can regularly be seen in high end retail outlets and airports. Floorstanding options are available for an additional $85.

Built for security

Designed with security and ease of operation in mind, all Bouncepads are built with either stainless steel or aluminium faceplates. The faceplates are secured with a lock and are supplied with two keys. Keep a record of your key reference to order additional keys or replacements. Some freestanding options also support Kensington locks, please check the model below.

Fits any iPad

Bouncepads can be modified to fit any model of iPad, so if you’re planning to use an older device for your visitor sign in, just let us know when you order and we will supply the appropriate fixing kit at no additional cost.

Smart power options

Run your cables through the inside of your Bouncepad to keep your iPad continuously powered and looking tidy.

Stand Selection

Check out the selection of Bouncepad stands we have to offer. You can choose between the convenience of a free standing model or a securely mounted model.

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