Seamless visitor management in a multi-tenancy building

With new regulations being introduced and health & safety being a bigger priority than ever before, it’s so important to ensure you have a seamless visitor management and staff sign in process in place, no matter how big or small your organisation is and what industry you’re in.

When it comes to multi-tenancy buildings, there’s always a flow of people coming in and out due to multiple businesses operating in the same building. Traditionally that may result in long queues at the reception desk as they try to organise visitors signing in and contact the relevant person they’re visiting. Then if you add the need to sign important documents such as health and safety policies, it creates a longer wait time and you have the task of trying to securely store all of the documents. Let’s also not forget about the data protection issues that come with signing in using a paper visitor book.

A visitor management system can relieve all of the stress and time of managing a flow of employees and staff in a multi-tenancy building and provide you with a seamless solution that makes reducing long queues, maintaining site security and improving health and safety easy.

Here are just a few of the ways a visitor management system can help you manage the movement of staff and visitors in a multi-tenancy building…

Easy data management

Say goodbye to files and files of paperwork from visitor sign ins. A visitor management and staff sign in solution makes it easy to collect the data you need and store it securely; it’s even easier to quickly access documents if and when you need them. Not only will this eliminate the time taken from filing paperwork, but you’ll also be contributing to a greener workplace by reducing the amount of paper you’re using and improving data privacy at the same time. You can choose what data you collect, where you store it and how long you store it for.

Improve health and safety processes

In addition to getting rid of paper visitor books, you can also get rid of paper copies of health questionnaires and important site information such as health and safety policies, NDAs, etc. A visitor management and staff sign in solution allows you to share these during the sign in process for guests and staff to fill out or read and accept when they’re signing in. As a cloud-based solution, copies of all documents can be automatically stored securely in an online portal for you to access when required.

Get notified

You can’t get in contact with the relevant person in the building to say that a visitor has arrived and you’ve got a queue of visitors forming at your front desk - nightmare. A visitor management system can automatically send a notification via email, SMS, Slack or MS Teams to the host when their visitor signs in, saving your receptionist the job of trying to reach them, reducing queues at your front desk and improving the overall sign in experience for guests.

Quick and simple emergency evacuations

Up until now, an emergency evacuation in your multi-tenancy building may have meant collating multiple evacuation lists from the different businesses occupying the building. Emergency evacuations should be quick and efficient to ensure the safety of everyone on site. Using a visitor management system can give you one centralised, up-to-date evacuation list which you can access from anytime, anywhere on any internet-connected device.

Create custom visitor badges

Visitor badges are a great way to improve security in a multi-tenancy building, giving you peace of mind that anyone walking around the building has been approved entry. As visitors sign in using a visitor management system, a badge can be automatically printed using a connected Brother printer. If you require a photo on their badge, they can be prompted to take a photo using the iPad’s built-in camera, or their smartphone camera if signing in with contactless sign in.

Hot desking made easy

Hot desking is a popular concept in multi-tenancy buildings. A visitor management system like Sign In App includes a solution for desk and meeting room booking which can be managed in the same portal as your visitor and staff sign in solution. The ability to book desks makes managing hot desking in a multi-tenancy building easy. Any space in the building can be made bookable, be it a desk, meeting room, breakout area or parking space and bookings can be made in advance or on the day via the smartphone app.

If you’d like to find out more about implementing a visitor management and staff sign in solution in your multi-tenancy building, and would like to learn more about how Sign In App can streamline the process, get in touch with the team! You can start a live chat with one of our friendly team members by clicking here or give us a call on 0333 016 3551.