Top visitor management system features for hybrid working

We recently shared a poll on LinkedIn asking businesses what their biggest priority is for the workplace going into 2023 and a whopping 85% of voters selected embracing hybrid/flexible working. If you’ve read our articles before, you’ll have seen us say many times that hybrid working is shaping the future of the workplace; so it’s great to see that even more organizations are looking to shift towards this way of working in 2023 and beyond.

However, while more and more organizations are embracing hybrid working for the endless benefits it can bring such as cost-savings, increased productivity and improved employee wellbeing, one of the challenges many face is not having the resources to successfully manage a hybrid workforce. In fact, a report by GALLUP in 2022 showed that some of the most reported challenges were decreased team collaboration, difficulty with coordinating schedules and difficult coordinating shared workspaces - all challenges that could easily be solved with a workplace/visitor management system.

We’ve spoken about utilizing workplace management systems in previous blog posts for improving collaboration in the hybrid workplace, maintaining culture and general flexible working best practice, but today we’re going to dive deeper into the features you could be using with Sign In App to help you seamlessly implement and manage hybrid working, while improving safety too.

Employee sign in wherever, whenever

With a distributed workforce, your employees could be working from anywhere - be it the office, at home or at a local coffee shop. So it’s no surprise that one of the most popular features of Sign In App for managing flexible working is the mobile Companion app which allows employees to sign in from their smartphone wherever and whenever they’re working.

Know who is on-site in an emergency

Leading on from the first feature, by getting your employees to sign in wherever they’re working, in the event of an emergency at your physical site, you’ll be able to access a real-time evacuation list of everyone that is on-site. You can also quickly see who is remote working from the Companion app.

Desk and meeting room booking

If trying to coordinate shared workspaces is a challenge you also share, this feature could be your new best friend. With Spaces by Sign In App, you can make almost any space in your workplace available for booking: desks, meeting rooms, breakout areas, parking spaces - you name it. Employees can book in advance or simply book on the day by checking availability on the Companion app. You can also choose to have initials or photos shown on booked spaces to allow your team to easily see where their colleagues have booked so they can plan to collaborate together.

Check in on your team with custom questions

Questions can be set up to be asked upon sign in or sign out and are a great way to not only ensure safety when employees sign in on site, but also to check in with remote workers. When signing in on site, you may opt for safety questions such as health related questions, particularly in a highly regulated building. For employees signing in/out remotely, you may simply want to ask how they’re doing just to check in on their wellbeing when you’re not seeing them face-to-face on a daily basis.

Export timesheet reports

If you need reports on the hours worked by your team, timesheet reports will automatically calculate their hours wherever they’ve signed in/out from and can be exported from the online portal. This feature can also be useful to use to check whether employees are working over their hours regularly, giving you an opportunity to check in to see how they’re doing with work/life balance and ensure they are not burning out.

Could 2023 be the year your organization implements hybrid working? See how Sign In App can help you streamline processes and manage the modern workforce with a 15 day, no-obligation free trial; get started here. Alternatively, if you have any questions, our customer experience team are happy to help 24 hours a day, 5 days a week on live chat, email or phone. Get in touch.