Oakland Care

Oakland Care develop and operate exceptional homes across London and the South East. Their focus on innovation in every aspect of their business helps them to provide a five-star environment for residents, employees and visitors.

After using the traditional pen and paper approach for visitor sign ins, the team at Oakland Care recognised the need for a solution that would help them improve health and safety processes and comply with new industry regulations for care providers - leading them to Sign In App.

So far Oakland Care have implemented Sign In App at six sites and have plans to implement at further care homes which are currently under construction. We recently caught up with Aaron White, Head of Business Services at Oakland Care, to see how they’ve been getting on with Sign In App so far…

Why did you look for a visitor management system?

We were still using the pen and paper approach with a visitor sign in book on the reception desk. It was clear that this would not give us the overview and control that we needed as we moved into a time where critical monitoring of visitors inline with COVID-19 regulations became high on the agenda for all care providers.

Why did you choose Sign In App?

Sign In App was simple to set up; it’s customisable and well laid out. It’s also very competitively priced.

What’s your experience been like with Sign In App team?

The team at Sign In App are very helpful! We had a couple of teething issues with setting up a feature at the beginning but these were all resolved effectively.

Which features have you made particular use of?

Custom fields - it’s been great to have the ability to have different groups of visitors and customise the questions for each of them.

We’ve also been using Safety Check to manage entry requirements and keep a record of visitors’ vaccination status, as well as keeping a record of lateral flow tests.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We have had great feedback from the team, including senior management who can now see the pattern of visiting at each home easily. It’s removed all paper from the sign in area and allowed us to check visitors’ compliance with regard to COVID protocol with ease.