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When the big day arrives, you can be sure that your event invites have been sent and you are reliably tracking who attends with a warm welcome.

Stream-lined for any occasion

The new Sign In App event feature has been designed specifically with events in mind. This means the entire sign in process has been reimagined to make it simple for event attendees to sign in and enjoy your event.

iPad welcoming guests to an event

Full customization

Our event system is built on top of our sites and so you continue to get the same customizable settings you are used to. This includes custom fields, badges, evacuation lists and attendee pre-registration, all the tools you need for a successful event.

Macbook displaying the event customisation screen on the portal

Dynamic attendee list

As well as second by second tracking of your event’s attendance, once the event is complete, our history reporting tools allow you to see who attended on which day. Search through your attendees and non-attendees, and export the data you need to measure your event's success.

The attendee list on the Sign In App portal

Data capture

Using Sign In App at your event allows you to quickly and efficiently collect additional data from your attendees on their arrival or departure. There’s no need for printed questionnaires to hand out on arrival or that can be misplaced during your event.

iPad asking guests for additional information

Branded invites

Make a great impression before your event has even begun with personalized invites featuring your company branding to potential event attendees. Each invite includes a QR Code to help speed up the arrival process using Sign In App and quickly reduce the entrance queues.

Example of a branded event invite

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