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Messages, NDAs & policies

Ensure guests read and accept important information such as health & safety notices, non-disclosure agreements and privacy policies.

Everything agreed

More than one set of terms to agree to? No problem. As your guest signs in, you can display as many different messages as you need. These are all managed from the online portal, making it easy to copy and paste the full text directly from your policy documents.

Two iPads, side-by-side, displaying a privacy policy screen and a NDA respectively

Customise for each group

Each group can have its own set of terms and policies to review and agree to if required. This allows you to customize the sign in experience and only present terms relevant to each type of guest, saving time and confusion.

iPad showing a health and safety notice on the Sign In App with a pull out in front showing the 'Show for' group options

Sign on the dotted line

Depending on the type of policy, you might ask your guest to perform an action before continuing. This can be as simple as ticking a box to confirm they have read and understood the terms, or signing their name on-screen. You can also present optional check boxes for opt-in scenarios. With custom actions for each message, you can keep a complete record for each visitor.

Demonstration of different action styles including an 'Accept' button, 'I agree' checkbox, and digital signature form

A copy of every agreement

When a guest has been asked to tick a box or sign their name, a copy of the terms or policy they agreed to is automatically saved as a PDF along with their details. You can access and download this information at any time from the Sign In App online portal and a copy can be emailed automatically to your guest.

Browser window showing the document download screen on the Sign In App portal

Share important information

Terms and policies is also a useful tool for sharing information with staff. Any messages you set up for staff will show the next time they sign in. After the staff member has acknowledged or agreed to the message, it won’t appear again unless it’s updated in the portal. This is a great way to keep track of staff policies, as each signed version is stored against the staff member in Sign In App.

iPad inside a Bouncepad counter display a staff lunch menu notification

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