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Pre-register visitors

The visitor experience begins long before your guest walks through the door. Start as you mean to go on with professional, branded emails sent when you pre-register your guests.

A great first impression

Provide a VIP sign in experience when you pre-register your guests. Pre-populate all of their information, so signing in when they arrive is a breeze. Pre-register guests easily from the Sign In App portal or companion app for smartphones.

Lifestyle shot an iPad displaying the Sign In App welcome screen with the Hotel Chocolat logo

The personal touch

You can choose to send pre-registered guests an email invite branded with your logo. The invitation contains the date and time of the visit, the name of the individual they’re meeting, directions plus a QR code for scanning in on arrival. Your guests can download the visit to their calendar and iPhone users can save the QR code to their wallet.

Two iPhones side by side, one displaying a preregister email with details and qr code, the other displaying the Apple Wallet preregister card

Tap, scan, go

Send visitors a QR code for a fast, secure way to sign in. By scanning the QR code directly from their phone or printed invitation, all your guest’s details are pre-populated for the fastest sign in experience with minimal effort required from your visitor.

Pullout of the QR code and add to wallet section of a preregister email

Import from a CSV file

Expecting a large number of guests or hosting an event at your site? Import a list of pre-registered guests from a CSV file. A simple way to manage large numbers of guests, importing pre-registrations can allow you to maintain an approved visitor list for secure sites. Plus, you can still send email invitations when importing guests.

Spreadsheet showing visitor details and import file upload on the portal

Pre-register from your phone

Sign In App Companion for iPhone and Android allows you to pre-register visitors straight from your smartphone. You can populate your guest’s information and send email invitations directly from the app, great for arranging visits when you’re with a client. While Companion is a free app available to all of your employees, you can control who has access to pre-register guests.

Samsung phone showing the preregister form on the Sign In App Companion

Prepare for upcoming visits

Easily see upcoming guests and identify busy periods. A central view of pre-registrations can help you and your visitor experience team prepare appropriately for every guest. For secure sites, having access to view approved guests in the portal can streamline the process when they arrive.

Example of pre-registered guests displayed on the portal

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