Roanoke City Schools

Name: Roanoke City Schools
Industry: Education
Size: ≈1450 students and ≈200 faculty and staff
Location: Roanoke, AL
Number of sites using Sign In App: 3

Located in a small town in central, rural, Alabama, Roanoke City Schools is a school system of approximately 1450 students and 200 faculty and staff. Roanoke City Schools has always prided themselves in being a school system that stayed ahead of the game when it comes to technology; they have been a 1:1 school system for many years and their teachers have had the latest technology to use in their classrooms. Due to many of the families in their community facing living in poverty and often having to make tough decisions when it comes to what they can have and what they must do without, one of Roanoke City Schools’ early goals of their 1:1 initiative was to give those students a tool that could help them change their circumstances.

Roanoke City Schools recently implemented Sign In App across 3 sites and we caught up with their Technology Director, Blake Treadwell, to see how they’ve been getting on so far…

Why were you looking for a visitor management system like Sign In App?

Our search for a visitor management system started a few years ago. Our administrators knew that we needed to update our procedures for how our staff was signing in each day. Before we started using Sign In App, our teachers and staff were having to report to the office each morning and sign in on a sheet of paper. Our bookkeepers would then have to take the sign in sheets and input the information into their payroll systems to keep track of absences. Being a school system that prided itself on technology, we knew this process was outdated and that there had to be a better way.

Were there any particular challenges you were facing?

Even though we consider ourselves ahead of the game with technology, we still knew that some of our staff needed an easy way to sign in that didn’t require them to use a lot of technology. We also have to be tight when it comes to how we spend our money and needed a solution that wasn’t going to break the bank. We were also dealing with COVID when we started looking for a new system and we wanted something that would also help us maintain some social distancing.

Why was Sign In App your visitor management system of choice?

Just for the reasons mentioned in the last bullet. Sign In App offered multiple ways to sign in. For the ones that needed an easier way to sign in, they were able to use the iPad in the main office at each school to sign in. This didn’t require them to use the app on their phone to sign in. We also liked the option to use the companion app. Some of our staff didn’t like that they would have to go to the office to sign in each day. The companion app allowed them to sign in from their classroom each day. Our bookkeepers are able to use the report features in the admin portal to keep records of who is signing in on time and the ones that are absent. The pricing was also a key factor. Due to funding restraints, we are not always able to just purchase whatever systems we want. We felt the cost for Sign In App was very reasonable and didn’t break the bank for us.

What’s your experience been like with the Sign In App team?

Since we’re a school district I’d give the Sign In App an A+. From sales to support, I can’t complain about the experiences I’ve had with any member of Sign In App’s team. Support has been patient with me the few times I’ve reached out to them. In some cases they’ve offered to take suggestions and requests to the development team for future consideration.

Which features have you made particular use of?

There are so many features that come with Sign In App and I feel like we’re only scratching the surface with how we’re using it. Since we’re only using it for staff signing in, the feature most used in our organization would have to be the companion app. If they’re not signing in with the app, then they’re using an iPad in each school’s front office to sign in for the day.

How has Sign In App added value/improved processes in your organization?

We’ve added value and improved our process by giving back some time to the teachers. Since most of them are using the app on their phones, they can check in from their classrooms and get to work instead of spending time walking to the office. We’re also adding value because we’re using less paper since we’re not having to sign in on paper sign in sheets.

Would you recommend Sign In App to other organizations?

Sign In App has been good for us and I’d recommend it to other school systems as well.

Want to eliminate paper sign in process and implement a visitor management system that’ll give you back time like Roanoke City Schools? Get in touch with the team here at Sign In App to discuss how our solutions can help. Find all of our contact details here, or if you’re ready to get started you can start a 15 day free trial here.