Enhancing safeguarding: the power of visitor management and the SCR

Ensuring the safety and security of students and employees is a top priority for educational institutions and two components that play a key role in enhancing safeguarding are visitor management systems (VMS) and the Single Central Record (SCR).

While visitor management systems and the Single Central Record serve different purposes within a school, when integrated together they can complement each other powerfully. Below, we explore what a VMS and an SCR is and how integrating the two together can enhance safety measures to improve overall safety and security in schools.

What is the Single Central Record?

The Single Central Record (SCR) is statutory requirement in UK schools and is a database that educational institutions have to maintain to keep track of key information about their employees such as pre-employment checks, criminal record checks and other safeguarding checks. The Single Central Record ensures that the institution complies with safeguarding regulations and employment standards.

Many schools still maintain their Single Central Record with Excel spreadsheets, making it a very manual process which can take up a lot of admin time and poses a risk of mistakes or missing information. The most secure way to maintain the SCR is with an online SCR solution that automates manual tasks and makes it quick and easy to stay up-to-date ready for audits and inspections.

What is a visitor management system?

Visitor management systems have become an integral solution in schools, allowing for efficient and secure monitoring of individuals entering and leaving campus. With a constant flow of parents/guardians, contractors, and other visitors in educational institutions, it’s essential to have a seamless process for signing in visitors and having a clear view of who is on campus at any given time. A digital visitor management system streamlines this process and makes it easy to collect the information you need, storing it securely in your cloud-based portal.

How can a VMS and the SCR work together?

When integrating your visitor management system with an online SCR solution, when a visitor signs in, the VMS can cross-reference the information the individual provides with the Single Central Record. This can help to ensure that the person is not on any restricted lists, such as those related to safeguarding concerns or banned individuals. If a risk is flagged, the VMS can deny further entry and notify a relevant member of staff for further action.

By combining the efficiency of a digital visitor management system with the thoroughness of an online Single Central Record, schools can create a comprehensive security infrastructure. This not only ensures compliance with regulations to help schools be prepared for unexpected audits/inspections, but also contributes to fostering a safe learning environment for students and staff alike. As technology continues to evolve, the integration of these solutions will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of school security.

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