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Meet your new dashboard

Over the last few months our development team have been busy behind the scenes working on a multitude of new features and improvements to the Sign In App ecosystem. We continually appreciate feedback and suggestions from our growing community, which is why we’ve now created our own plugin for; an online dashboard building service.

Since the release of our client API, we’ve seen countless organisations and institutions integrate Sign In App into their existing software systems. However, since programming knowledge is required in order to interact with our API, this has meant that non-technical users have, until now, been limited to using the portal, an iPad or their mobile device to view sign in information.

Freeboard makes it simple and straightforward to build and display custom dashboards thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. With real-time updates and automatic board saving, Freeboard allows users to quickly and effectively build boards which are unique to them without writing a single line of code. Combine this with the new Sign In App plugin and it’s never been easier to see exactly what’s happening on your site at a glance.

The Sign In App Freeboard plugin comes with 5 brand new widgets to display your sign in data in a clean and organised fashion. You can view recent activity to see who’s signing in and out of your site, returning visitors’ statuses to see who’s currently signed in and even a graphical overview of the number of sign ins over the last 28 days. Combine this with an occupancy widget to check that your site isn’t too full, and a big number widget to display important information and you’ve got a perfect management tool to help you keep track of what’s going on.

Freeboard dashboard featuring Sign In App widgets displayed on a tv inside a company lobby

One of the major advantages of Freeboard dashboards is that they auto-update in real-time. This means a perfect application would be to display your board in full-screen mode on a TV in a foyer, for example, without having to continually refresh the page to receive the latest information. Another benefit of Freeboard is that it’s very easy to share boards between colleagues, with read/edit access level control as well. This means a board is not limited to a single account, but can be viewed and edited by other site administrators too.

We are very excited to get our new plugin in the hands of real-world users, and to see how their dashboards benefit them and their organisations. For a more thorough overview and explanation of the plugin, please see our how-to guide linked here. As always, we thoroughly appreciate customers’ feedback and would love to hear any thoughts and opinions that might be had. We are planning to add more widgets and functionality in the future as our product and community grow, and if you have any questions our customer experience team are always happy to help.