Get the most out of your visitor management system

A visitor management system is no longer just about signing visitors in and out of a building - it’s so much more. A visitor management system improves safety, is a tool for hybrid working, streamlines business processes and can give you insights into your workplace. In today’s working world, a VMS can now be considered a workplace management system.

So if you’re just using your VMS for visitor sign in, how can you get more out of it? Below we’ve collated some of the top features that you could be utilising to really unlock the value of your visitor management system.

Employee sign in

In a world where hybrid working is now the norm, employee sign in has become more of a priority than ever before when it comes to features of a visitor management system. Many of today’s solutions offer a variety of ways for employees to sign in and out, including mobile sign in which can be used to enable team members to sign in and out wherever they’re working. With a system like Sign In App, your employees’ hours will automatically be calculated and timesheets can be exported from your online portal. Read more about employee sign in here.

Manage multiple sites

Is your sign in process seamless across all of your sites? Multi-site visitor management enables you to easily manage all of your sites, customising the sign in experience while also maintaining a global employee list - allowing your staff members to sign in across sites. There’s no need for multiple management portals, you can simply switch between sites from one. Learn more here.

Shared evacuation reports

When using a visitor management system such as Sign In App for signing in every person on your site, in the event of an emergency you can instantly access a real-time, up-to-date evacuation list on any mobile device. Together, fire marshals and colleagues can complete a roll call with a shared evacuation report for seamless emergency evacuations, even on sites with large numbers of people or multiple evacuation points. Learn more about shared evacuations here.

Messages, policies, NDAs and questionnaires

When utilising a visitor management system, you’re not only saying goodbye to paper visitor books but also paper safety policies, NDAs, health questionnaires and site information. All of these can be included within the sign in process and PDF copies will be stored securely in your online portal. Read more.

Integrate with your existing systems

Integrating your visitor management system with your existing systems such as Azure AD and Google Workspace enables you to simplify the data management process and keep your employee lists automatically in sync. For schools, MIS integration can be used to keep student and employee lists up-to-date. Notifications can also be linked to your MS Teams and Slack channels. Learn more here.

Add more value with your visitor management system

Many visitor management systems nowadays also offer add-ons to enable you to add even more value to the sign in experience for visitors and employees. Below is an overview of some of Sign In App’s added value solutions.

Offer desk & meeting room booking with Spaces

Spaces enables you to make any space in your workplace bookable, be it a desk, meeting room, break out area or parking space. It’s a great tool to help organisations embrace hybrid working, introduce new styles of working such as hot desking/hoteling and allows you to get insights into how your workplace is being used. Learn more.

Schedule appointments seamlessly with Sign In Scheduling

Sign In Scheduling is our customisable appointment booking tool that saves you time and scales with your business, enabling you to offer a seamless booking experience and reduce appointment no-shows. Once an appointment is made, a visitor is pre-registered for quick and easy sign in when arriving on-site. Read more about Sign In Scheduling here.

Easily maintain a Single Central Record in schools and control who enters

Sign In Central Record replaces the use of spreadsheets with a secure, compliant and simple solution for managing a Single Central Record in schools. Together with Sign In App, schools can automatically reject sign ins if a visitor does not have the relevant records e.g. DBS Checks. Sign In App’s notification feature can also be used to trigger a notification to be sent to a staff member for further action before the visitor is allowed onto site. Read more.

To learn more about how to unlock the true value of visitor management and find out how Sign In App can help to streamline processes in your organisation, get in touch with our team. We’re available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week on live chat, phone or email - find all of the ways to contact us here.