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Managing the workplace after lockdown

As some of our customers around the world start planning to come out of lockdown, here are some tips on how you can utilise Sign In App to manage the changing workplace. A number of the features have always been available, others are new within our V4 release; you can see more on these here. All features are included within our standard subscription at no additional cost.


We have always given the flexibility to create custom fields to gather the information you require within your environment. Health questions were widely used within our food production and manufacturing clients, and the ongoing pandemic has seen a large increase in the use of these within the general office and education environments. Popular questions include some of the below:

  • Have you been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Do you have a high temperature or persistent cough?
  • Please record your current temperature using the device provided.

These questions are often used for general visitor management and for other regular visitors such as contractors. However, we have seen an increase in these question types being used for staff signing in and other regular groups attending sites such as agency staff.

Notification workflow

This situation is putting extreme pressure on organisations already, with social distancing and staggered lockdown relaxation suggested; there is a good chance teams could be under additional pressure with workload and procedures. By using Sign In App, you can set up notifications based on answers to questions. So, for example, if somebody answers negatively to a question, you can set it up to build a workflow that notifies the relevant person. This can help you reduce any bottlenecks within areas and support the maintaining of social distancing.

Messages and policies

Providing your guests with information about their safety, plus ensuring they agree to your sites terms and policies is imperative. We have always given the ability to have multiple policies within Sign In App and these can be different per visitor group. V4 has seen these enhanced by including dynamic content messaging; these now allow you to use images, PDFs and videos to communicate your key information.

With the increase of restrictions and the inclusion of new COVID-19 based policies, you can ensure these are communicated before any visitors attend site. Messages are also not just for visitors - you can present these to staff to agree to, ensuring they are aware of any new organisational policies or restriction changes. These messages can also be intelligent, allowing you to decide if somebody needs to agree to them every time they sign in, just the once or again after a period of time.

Mobile sign in

It looks as though some organisations will shift their workforce back into the workplace in phases to help manage their social distancing procedures; therefore being able to understand where their team are working from will be important. Flexible and remote working procedures could become permanent in managing our teams moving forward. Sign In App mobile sign in enables staff to sign in wherever they are, be it in the office or a remote location; this allows you to manage who is working and where they’re working from. Geofencing will detect whether they are in or out of the office and check them in and out right from their smartphone.


Again, avoiding close contact is going to be here to stay. In version 4 we released our deliveries feature. A courier can now easily come in and record that a package has arrived and who it is for. This will then notify the recipient and when convenient they can come and collect the package and sign it out.

There's no doubt that we are still in a time of uncertainty about how we are going to adjust back into the working environment. But, we hope that some of these tips help you with some suggestions on how Sign In App can assist you. If you are an existing customer you can just download V4 from the app store; the customer experience team is available to answer any questions. If you are new to Sign In App and would like to start a free trial, click here.