Visitor groups is a powerful new feature in Sign In App version 3 that allows you to customise the sign in experience for different types of visitor. You can create up to six visitor groups and each group is defined as either a standard visitor or repeat visitor group.

Standard and repeat visitors behave quite differently in both the portal and the app, so it's important to read and understand the differences before you start creating your own visitor groups.

Standard visitor

A guest at your site. A standard visitor may be visiting you for the first time, or they may have been here before, but they are usually not frequent guests. They will sign in and out using the standard method where they will be asked to provide their name and additional information each time they arrive.

For more information about standard visitor groups, click here.

Repeat visitor (i.e. staff)

A repeat visitor is someone who is at your site regularly. They will have their own virtual visitor card with a photo and their name. In the app, they appear in a grid with the other people in their group, so this is the group type most frequently used for staff members. A QR code can be associated with each repeat visitor for easy scanning in and out.

For more information about repeat visitor groups, click here.