Microsoft Teams host notifications

You can now use Microsoft Teams to notify repeat visitors when a visitor has arrived and selected them as their host. To use Microsoft Teams host notifications you need to have a Sign In App repeat visitor group synced with Azure AD, click here to read about how to set that up.


To use host notifications you need a custom field with the response type set to Notify list. A notify list will allow the visitor to search your repeat visitor groups and select the person they're visiting.

You can configure custom fields by going to Manage > Sites > Select site > Custom fields.

Set up

Once you’ve set up the Azure AD synced group, from the online management portal, go to Manage > Groups > Select Azure AD synced group > Notifications and set When a visitor signs in to Notify their host and then select Send to Microsoft Teams.

MS Teams host notifications set up in Sign In App

Open Microsoft Teams and click the Apps tab and then click Upload a customised app.

MS Teams apps page.


You can download the Sign In App MS Teams bot using this link.

locate the bot file from your file manager and click Open. If you go back to Apps you should now see SIA Notify bot under a section called Built for and the name of your team.

MS Teams Sign In App bot showing in Apps section

Click SIA Notify bot and you will see this pop up window.

Sign In App bot pop up window to add

Click the Add button and you should see the following message confirming the MS Teams host notifications have been successfully set up.

MS Teams Sign In App bot showing in Apps section

Adding the bot to a Team

You can add a bot to a Team so each member doesn't need to go through the set up process individually. Go to Apps and then find the SIA Notify bot and click the dropdown next to Open and select Add a team. A new window will pop up and you can search the Team you'd like to add the bot to.

MS Teams Sign In App bot showing in Apps section

Set up complete

When a visitor signs in and selects a repeat visitor from the notify list they should now receive a notification to let them know their visitor has signed in.

MS Teams Sign In App bot showing an example notification

We hope you've found this guide useful but if you have any questions around Microsoft Teams host notifications or any Sign In App feature, please contact our support team at

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