Host notifications

Host notifications will notify a member of a repeat visitor group when a visitor has arrived and selected them as their host. To use host notifications you need a custom field with the response type set to Notify list, a repeat visitor group populated with hosts, and Notifications enabled on the host group.

Notify list

A custom field of type Notify list is added to your account when it's created, but to check this go to Manage > Sites > Select site > Custom fields, edit the field and check the field type is Notify list. The field label might be different depending on your requirements, but the field label is the question presented to the visitor on sign in.

Template of example csv file for importing pre-registrations

Host group

The Notify list uses repeat visitor groups as a directory to allow the visitor to select their host. You need a repeat visitor group set up which is populated with the members you'd like to be available as hosts, including their email and or phone number depending on how you'd like them to be notified.

Head to Manage > Groups and ensure you have a group of type Repeat.

Template of example csv file for importing pre-registrations

You can add members to this group by going to Manage > Groups > Select group > Members > Add member and populating their details or by importing the members from a CSV file, you can read more about importing members here.


If you use Azure Active Director or Google Apps to manage your employees you can sync them across to Sign In App, changes in your Azure or Google will then be automatically pulled across periodically.

Template of example csv file for importing pre-registrations

Group visibility

The host group needs to be set to show on any site you'd like the members to appear as hosts on the notify list. Head to Manage > Sites > Select site > Group visibility and ensure Only show select groups is toggled off or your host group is set to show.

Option to set certain groups to only show on one site


If you don't want your employees group to display on the iPad, you can hide the group from Manage > Groups > Select host group > Data & Privacy and under visibility toggle Show group on the iPad app off.

Include on notify list

Each repeat visitor group can be included or excluded from your notify list. To ensure your host group is included on the notify list, head to Manage > Groups > Select host group > Data & Privacy and under Visibility toggle Include group on the site notify list on.

Notification settings

You can notify hosts by Email, SMS, and Microsoft Teams. To set this up, go to Manage > Groups > Selct host group > Notificatons and toggle on any of the options below.


  • Microsoft Teams: To send notifications through this channel a bot needs to be installed in your Teams account. Click here to read more about this.
  • SMS: To send SMS notifications you need to purchase SMS tokens. To do this, head to Manage in your Sign In App portal and scroll to the bottom of the page and click SMS tokens.

We hope you've found this guide useful but if you have any questions around Host notifications or any Sign In App feature, please contact our support team at

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