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Remote & mobile sign in

Sign In App has tools in place to help support remote working. Remote sites allow you to record hours worked with employees simply signing in from their smartphones, while mobile sign in makes it even easier to sign in when you’re on site.

Sign in from your phone

Sign in directly from your smartphone with our free companion app on iOS and Android. Enable remote working with confidence, or give employees more ways to sign in securely to your site. Sign In App companion automatically detects if you’re working at a site, remotely on the road or at home.

The companion app mobile sign in screen

Remote working

Setting up a remote site allows employees to sign in from anywhere in the world. Sign In App can help record hours worked whether employees are on the road or working from home. Through our secure online portal, you can see which of your team members are signed in remotely, the time they signed in and their location at the time.

The companion app mobile sign in screen

Timesheet reports

Sign In App timesheets allow you to quickly see how long everyone has been signed in for on a given date. Your employee timesheet report collates hours worked across both physical and remote sites, giving you access to this information in a single report. Data can be exported to share or imported into other software.

The companion app mobile sign in screen

Location data

Setting up the locations of your sites is as easy as dropping a pin onto a map. For remote workers, location data allows you to easily see where team members were during sign in and out so you can always be sure they are where they should be.

The companion app mobile sign in screen

COVID-19: Social distancing and remote working

Although we believe remote working is a tool companies should embrace all year round to improve employee morale and wellbeing, the current COVID-19 pandemic means thousands of employees will be working from home. Below you can find a selection of our articles that discuss how employees can improve their experience working from home. Sign In App has many features designed to make this transition from office to home as easy as possible, if you have any queries or need help setting up these features our team are on hand and ready to help you.

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