The smart way to book desks and meeting rooms

Spaces is the smart and flexible desk and meeting room booking add-on for Sign In App. Embrace the hybrid workforce, improve collaboration and be more efficient with the use of your office space.

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Embrace the hybrid workforce

The modern workplace is ever-changing and Spaces is here to help you manage those changes. Whether you’re introducing new policies such as hybrid working or hot desking, or reassessing how your desks and meeting rooms are being used, Sign In App can help.

Spaces is designed to be flexible. From the online editor, you can quickly recreate your workplace layout or upload a floor plan.

As soon as your desks and meeting rooms are configured, staff can start searching availability. Meeting room and desk booking couldn’t be easier.

From the portal, monitor capacity and see how your zones and spaces are being used. Smart limits ensure you never exceed site capacity.

Get started in minutes

With Spaces, you can be up and running in minutes with no expensive consulting fees and staff can quickly check availability and book desks & meeting rooms through our smartphone app.

Types of spaces

Make any space bookable

With Spaces, you aren’t limited to just meeting rooms and desk booking. Through the online editor, you can create a layout that’s as unique as your business, school or venue. Simply name the spaces or add more information like a photo, description and tags to make finding your perfect space even easier.

Quickly find your perfect space

Spaces is optimised to work seamlessly with Sign In App Companion on smartphones. From the app, your staff can search availability, filter results by tag, make meeting room and desk bookings and quickly rebook spaces over multiple days. You can also check upcoming space bookings from the calendar tab.

Manage and monitor capacity

From the online portal, you can set the capacity for each space or zone, and with Companion app, employees can view all bookings, making it easy to see when spaces are in use or nearing capacity.

Spaces pricing

With Spaces, you can make your workplace bookable in a few simple steps without the need for expensive consultancy fees. You can easily add Spaces to any site you manage through the Sign In App online portal.



*Per site annually

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You can try Spaces as part of your Sign In App 15 day free trial. If you're an existing customer and would like to learn more about Spaces, get in touch and we'll arrange a demo.

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