Attendance records are a key part of critical inspections and Sign In App can help you record this information easily, safely and accurately.

Comply with the GDPR

To help you comply with the GDPR, Sign In App helps you balance holding critical information in the interests of safety and reporting, while respecting and maintaining the privacy of your students, staff and guests.

Late arrivals and early leavers

Many sites log late registrations and pupils leaving early on paper slips at reception. In the event of an evacuation, information is siloed, split between the registration, paper records and visitor book. This is made even more complicated when multiple entrances or larger campuses are involved. Sign In App solves this in an instant with a central record including late registrations, visitors and early leavers.

Record staff hours and visits

With Sign In App, it’s easy to record your staff sign ins and governor visits. Set up your own repeat visitor groups and assign QR codes for quick and simple registration. For large campuses or Academy Trusts, it’s easy to maintain a central staff list, restricting individuals to a specific site or allowing them to freely move between sites. With integration to your MIS system through Wonde it’s even easier to connect your teaching staff for hassle free management.