Hallo. Bonjour. Hej. Greet your visitors in their native language and ensure your employees have a seamless experience with translations across the portal, iPad app and Companion app.

A multilingual welcome

Sign In App is available in a variety of languages, translated by native speakers to ensure there are no odd phrases or words used incorrectly. You can set a 'base' language for both the portal and iPad app whilst still providing the option for users to easily switch to their native tongue.

An end-to-end experience

Take translations even further by providing your own translations when adding content. You can add translations for all aspects of the sign in process from group names and custom fields to policies and messages - making it even easier for visitors to use the solution, no matter their preferred language.

Translate custom fields

Translate group names

Translate welcome message

Translate policies and messages

Languages for everyone

Translations don’t just stop at the iPad app and portal. Companion app also supports all of our languages features so employees can sign in and out across all of your global sites in their native language.

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