Everyone's talking about Sign In App. From visitor safety to staff sign in and flexible working, here are links to just some of the articles discussing the impact of Sign In App on education and business.

A visitor card with name, photograph, QR code, company logo and validation date.

“In a school environment, ensuring a complete record of people on site is critical; it’s an issue not just of safeguarding but of compliance. So, within a location that could span multiple buildings, with hundreds, if not thousands of individuals, how can schools keep reliable and up to the minute records of everyone on site?”

The Educator UK

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Sign In App, a technology developer of the UK’s leading visitor management app, is pleased to launch Contactless Sign In, a new addition to Sign In App's existing range of features, to enable organisations to keep their employees safe as a spike of 50% of sites have started to plan the reopening of places of work this month.


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The Northampton-based developer, which is already making waves globally in the visitor management market, has developed additional technology to help companies and organisations that run events both internally and externally, monitor attendee/visitor numbers, keep track of attendees/visitors and manage guest lists quickly and effortlessly.

Financial IT

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In the event of an emergency, the fire marshall can instantly view an entire list of people in the building by logging into an online portal through any mobile device, rather than wasting time, and potentially putting people in danger, collecting physical records of who is on site.

Digital Health Buzz

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With GDPR coming into effect as of May 25, if your business still utilises the traditional book and pen, your GDPR compliance stops before anyone can even make it past the lobby. Having all your visitors’ data sitting at your unmanned front desk for the world to see is no longer an option for businesses.

Customer Experience Magazine

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With GDPR and the UK’s Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 now in effect, if your business still uses the traditional book and pen, your compliance stops before anyone can even make it past the lobby.

Business Advice

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Today Bouncepad, the inventors of the tablet kiosk, and Sign In App, visitor management app creators, announced the release of a new collaboration; Sign In App Tap. Sign In App Tap is an RFID reader that connects seamlessly to Bouncepad’s stylish enclosures and integrates to Sign In App; meaning visitors and staff can simply connect and check-in with their existing door access cards and fobs.


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What began as a visitor management app for iPad has grown and evolved into something that is ideally suited to a world that is dealing with constant and rapid change. Here, the team at Sign In App discuss their passion project, how it has developed and reacted to market changes, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

All Things business

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