Work together with your existing systems to keep data automatically synced.

Sync with Azure AD and Google Workspace

Sign In App can sync directly with your existing Azure Active Directory and Google Workspace, simplifying the data management process. Once connected, employee data is automatically kept in sync to reflect any changes you make on Azure making it even easier to accurately record sign in activity on your site.

No additional cost

Azure Active Directory and Google Workspace integration is included in your base site subscription which means there are no setup fees or additional monthly costs. So, if you're not using the integration currently, but decide to in the future, there is no need to worry about any price changes with your Sign In App subscription.

Keep your hosts in sync

Our integrated groups automatically update your host list to power Sign In App notifications, making sure they point to the correct person without you needing to add new members of staff manually. This ensures everyone receives the correct visitor notifications when needed.

Simple set up

Easily select which groups in Azure Active Directory and Google Workspace to add to your Sign In App system, so only the information required is made available to portal and iPad app users.

This is just the start...

Along with Azure Active Directory and Google Workspace, we integrate with MIS systems for education and our notification tools can hook into your Slack channels and MS Teams. With plans to continue expanding our integration portfolio, Sign In App is even easier to integrate into your existing visitor management workflow.

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