Sign In App Deliveries makes it easy to manage and organise your reception and lobby areas. It’s perfect for busy mailrooms and unmanned areas. Sign In App can automate your delivery process, seamlessly notifying you when a package arrives.

Label scanning

Our smart label feature automatically finds the recipient’s name by scanning the address label using the iPad’s built in camera. There is also the option to search for the name manually for those times where the package is large, heavy or bulky.

Additional information

You can customise the information you collect when signing in a delivery. With 8 different types of field to choose from, you can record information such as number of boxes, courier and recipient using text fields or custom drop downs. The arrival date and time is recorded automatically.

Arrival notifications

Notifications are automatically sent by email or SMS let the recipient know their package has arrived. The notification also includes any additional information such as the courier or number of boxes.

Collection signature and reporting

Make sure all deliveries are accounted for with optional sign out fields. Team members can be asked to provide a signature when collecting a package and you can easily view both uncollected and collected packages from our secure online portal. Reporting ensures a full audit trail and accountability even in busy mailrooms.

Included in your subscription

Sign In App Deliveries is available to all Sign In App subscribers at no additional cost. If you’re an existing subscriber and want to know more about how deliveries could help you streamline and manage your deliveries to site, please get in touch for a demo.

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