Companion App

Sign in on-site or remotely with our smartphone companion app. Answer health questions, agree to policies, pre-register guests and run evacuation reports in an emergency.

Mobile sign in

Sign In App Companion supports the full sign in experience, allowing staff and regular visitors to complete any additional information required when signing in. This can include important health questionnaires to be completed, policies to agree to and videos to watch. A smart geo-fence knows if you're on-site or remote, so all you need to do is tap to sign in.

Evacuation reports

When an alarm sounds, the most important thing to do is leave the building quickly and safely. Sign In App Companion allows you to mark each individual as present from your smartphone without the need for visitor books or printed lists. A timer records how long the roll call takes to complete from the moment the alarm sounds and a PDF report can be generated and shared by the fire marshall.

Who's in

The today 'widget' lets you easily see who's signed in at a glance from your phone. When enabled, users can switch between sites to see the total number of people signed into each group, their names and additional sign in information.

Sign in history

Sign In App Companion v2 introduces a new calendar view which lets users look back at their personal sign in history. If enabled, it also keeps track of the number of hours users have been signed in each week - perfect for remote and flexible workers.

Pre-register guests

Quickly and easily pre-register guests straight from your smartphone. Pre-populate their information and send professional branded invitation emails with no hassle. When you pre-register from Sign In App Companion, a complete list of your upcoming visits is saved in your phone for easy access.

Free for all

Sign In App Companion is included in your subscription and there are no limits to the number of users you can invite. You can also control which features each user can access through the online portal. The app is a free download and is available on iOS via the App Store and Android through the Google Play Store.

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