Intelligent connections with your existing MIS systems makes it easier than ever to accurately record sign in activity on your site.

Secure integration

Sign In App uses a secure platform that provides schools with the tools to manage their school data. Once connected, your staff and learner data is automatically kept in sync at all times, simplifying the data management process. To learn more about which MIS systems we support, plus additional charges and availability, please contact us at

Pupil sync

Sync your pupil lists and allow students to use the Sign In App to record late arrivals and early leaving. Export and monitor student attendance effectively in the event of an emergency.

Handle late arrivals and early leavers

Automatically handle late arrivals and early leavers with integration write backs on select MIS systems. Collect additional data such as reasons for being late, checking if pupils will be returning later in the day and notifying any staff members who should be aware. Contact us for more information on which systems we currently support.

Teaching and support staff

When you link Sign In App to your MIS system through Wonde your staff will automatically appear in a Sign In App visitor group, allowing them to easily sign in and out and receive notifications when visitors arrive. Changes to MIS are reflected instantly in Sign In App making the whole process simple and straightforward.

Low annual cost

If your school uses ISAMS and has the ISAMS API module, the cost for annual integration is £220 per site. For all other supported MIS systems the cost for a primary school is £120 and for a secondary school is £180 per site. This is in addition to your standard subscription and all prices exclude VAT.