Data privacy

Sign In App gives you total control over your visitor data and visibility of staff details. Comply with the GDPR and protect guests' privacy.

Total control over visitor data

Making sure you have an accurate record of everyone in the building is essential to safeguard your visitors’ safety. Sign In App allows you to do this without compromising their privacy. With privacy features built in, you have the option to hide visitor names as well as presenting your privacy policy as guests sign in.

Protect staff data

It’s equally important to protect information about your staff and Sign In App helps you do this with Pin protected visitor groups. Prevent members of the public from accessing your staff list or limit the information they can see.

QR codes for secure sign in

Scanning a QR code is not only the quickest way for staff to sign in and out, it’s also the most secure. By assigning all of your staff QR codes, you can hide the staff list from the iPad altogether, preventing anyone from seeing who is in the building. Staff can store their unique QR code in the companion app on a smartphone, on your keyring, or on your existing staff passes.

Limit portal access

Sign In App’s online portal gives you a powerful insight into your visitor data and history. With access controls, you can make sure users only access the data they need. For users who need access to the fire list, download our companion app for iOS and Android for a complete view of who is in the building without access to visitor history or information.

Sign In App is secure

Sign In App is committed to ensuring the security of your data. We are Cyber Essentials certified, ISO27001 certified for Information Security Management and are continually introducing features to help you manage your staff and visitor privacy and security.

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